About Me

About me

Hey Friends!

I’m Julie and Welcome to More than Main Street…A blog about travel, food, and family. 

I’m trying to get a little more out of life in a more purposeful way. Whether it’s traveling to a new destination, trying a new recipe, or simply trying to teach my kids a little more kindness, I’m chasing MORE!  I’m not talking about keeping up with the Jones’…I’m talking about finding a little more inspiration in life. Learning to be content, maintaining balance and feeling fulfilled is my goal!

Mexican food, sweet treats, live music, sporting events, ranch dressing, coffee, and cocktails are a few of my favorite things. I’m an avid reader, writer, and over-user of the exclamation mark! But travel is my one true passion. Researching a destination, creating an itinerary, and discovering a new piece of this incredible world makes me happy!

I think it’s safe to say I’m slightly obsessed with travel. But if I’m not planning our next trip or traveling…I’m likely in the kitchen. I love cooking and sharing recipes that are inspired by our travels. And if I’m not in the kitchen, I’m embracing the chaos that is our family! 

I have two sweet crazy kids who couldn’t be more different if they tried and provide different daily challenges as they get older. My daughter Greyson is a big personality, a baby whisperer, and a social butterfly. My son Spencer is shy, an artist, and quite the athlete.  And then of course, there’s my fabulous husband, Trey, who is always willing to entertain my harebrained ideas.

While Trey and I have been to over 16 countries and 28 states…our goal is to now show our kids the world. We do have more of a focus on travel within the United States, however we are trying to squeeze in as much international travel as possible too. We’re part time travelers who love to adventure near and far. I hope y’all follow along while we try to discover that there’s More than Main Street!