My Favorite Family Tradition

Our favorite family tradtion: The family team!

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Fun Family Traditions: The Family Team

Growing up, my family didn’t have a “team”. We didn’t go to sporting events together or even watch them together on TV. BUT, we do now! I know not everyone is a sports fan, but I’m a huge advocate for families having “their team”. As a matter of fact, my favorite family tradition is our “family team”.

There is a special bond that forms within a family when you are all rooting for the same team. I can’t even explain the feeling, but it’s special. Living in North Carolina, we are in the thick of the UNC- Duke- NC State rivalry. There are a lot of sports rivalries with very strong allegiances to “their team” around here!

My Favorite Family Tradition: The Family Team

EVERYBODY has a team!

And I’m so very grateful for it!! We all have clothing to support our team, we tail-gate as much as possible, we visit college towns and campuses, and try to attend as many events as our budget will allow. We’ve traveled all over the country to see our team play. We’ve traveled to tournaments, to Bowl Games, and yes even to the opposing team’s campuses to cheer our team on.

But most importantly, we do this as a family. In today’s busy go-go-go lifestyle, it can be hard to spend time as a family…and this is one way to accomplish that goal.

I hope one day when my children have their own families, they adopt a team of their own. Going to games or watching them on TV together, just cheer them on. My advice to my kids is if you end up with having a house-full of girls who hate football, then take them to a gymnastics meet or a soccer game. If you have a house-full of boys who hate baseball but love lacrosse…then go watch the lacrosse team. If you don’t end up having children, then make a tradition with your partner. So what if your alma mater doesn’t have any big sports teams! Then choose a local pro team. You could even follow an international team online…the beauty of technology!

Our favorite family tradtion: The family team!

Creating Family Traditions!

Live sporting events allow for traditions to be made like always buying popcorn at the game, visiting the student store after a game, or getting ice cream at your favorite ice cream shop down the street. Celebrating the events at home on TV, you can create traditions like making fun game-time foods, inviting the rival neighbors over, or all climbing into mom and dad’s bed for late-night games.

Best of all, it is a tradition that can be celebrated year round. AND it gives you another excuse to travel! What more can you ask for…getting to see another part of this incredible world while carrying out your favorite family tradition. (If you do plan to travel, make sure to check out another favorite family tradition…The Travel Pledge.)

There are so many ways to be a fan nowadays, so pick a team, any team…and cheer them on!

My Favorite Family Tradition: The Family Team

Do you have a family team? Share an example of your favorite family tradition? And as always, let me know what y’all think!

Go Tar Heels!

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Our Favorite Family Tradition: The Family Team

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  1. We are not sport family but we appreciate quality family time! It’s great to have something in common and share emotions together – sport events give you plenty of those! Family traditions are so important, after all, memories we make now with our kids are all what stays with them through their adulthood.

    1. I was never a sports fan before I met my husband but it’s become such a wonderful tradition…and I agree, those memories are what will carry on??

  2. And what to do if both you and your husband are huge sports fans but you support rival teams? ? Our son is only two but we already start to pull him in different directions. Ah, we will be in a pickle when he becomes older…

    1. Ha! Well…it will still be great family memories…whichever way he goes! Our next door neighbors are in the same predicament! Thanks for reading!

  3. Hello 🙂 In my family we like soccer but unfortunately, we are all divided because we support different teams haha 😀 Anyway it’s funny and it doesn’t lead to real fights, we have a good time even if we don’t support the same team.

  4. Our team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Whenever on television we all gather together and cheer on our team. Hopefully this year we make it to the superbowl!!! Good article, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks! My husband just said the other night they might win the whole thing this year! I love the memories surrounding sports and our teams!

    1. Exactly….there’s something for everybody…even if you don’t necessarily enjoy watching sports! Thanks for reading!

  5. Love this so much! We are UNC alums – so this post makes me so happy! Glad you all enjoy doing this together – it is always fun to have something to cheer for together as a family!

    1. Thank you!! We all have different interests but this is something we can all agree on and make memories together! Go Heels!

  6. We are a sports family, too! We love football, and my husband is from Colorado, so we took our kids to their first Broncos game last year. So much fun!

  7. What a great idea!! We are football, and hockey fans……although everyone in our household has ended up picking their own teams ♡

  8. So wonderful that you spend time together and enjoy rooting for your team. We loved to play soccer, ice skate and ski/snowboard with our girls when they were growing up. Whatever you do, as long as you are together and having fun, making memories, that’s what counts!

    1. Agreed! I’m more of a believer in making things work for your family! Doesn’t have to be the traditional same as everyone else…doing things you as a family enjoy can create some of the best memories!

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