My Husband Approved Chicken Salad Recipe

Chicken Salad Recipe

My Husband Approved Chicken Salad Recipe

My husband was raised in the South. I was not. So when we got married, I learned of his love of chicken salad, which in turn, created mine. I also learned that there are many, many versions of chicken salad. So, my mother-in-law graciously gave me her recipe…which of course, I tweaked just a teeny bit. Here in the South, we eat a lot of chicken salad…as a meal, as a snack, tailgating, parties…you name it, someone will bring it!!

Chicken Salad Recipe

Aren’t these little chicken salad cracker appetizers the cutest? Anyway…

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San Antonio: Good Food Finds in Texas!

San Antonio Good Food Finds

San Antonio Good Food Finds

We just returned from Spring Break in Texas where we spent half our week in San Antonio and the other half in Houston (Read about it HERE). I’m not ashamed to say it…one of my favorite things to do when we travel is EAT! I know it’s silly but I get an immense amount of joy from discovering a good food find! I read a lot of blogs, articles, use my trusty Yelp app, and talk to locals about the best spots to eat. Occasionally we just stumble upon a gem of a food find, but overall it takes a little legwork.

For me, when I think San Antonio, I think tex-mex…which y’all know I am all about some tex-mex. But, San Antonio is a big city with a lot more to offer! I love to see what regional cuisines have to offer and what local chef’s are up to. So without further ado…here’s where we ate:

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Girls Weekend NYC: Mixing the Touristy Side with a Local Vibe

Girls Weekend NYC

New York City

Planning Perspectives

You could go to NYC ten different times and literally have ten totally different experiences. I remember the first time I visited NYC, I hit most of the big tourist areas and I went home feeling a little disappointed. But honestly, NYC isn’t just a city…it’s a little world inside itself. I knew my return trips needed to be planned from a more local perspective. For me, I like to try to find a good mix of one or two major tourist attractions and the rest of the time shoot for a more local vibe.

Girls Weekend NYC!

This past Fall, I went to NYC with four of my college girlfriends to celebrate one of our upcoming 40th birthdays. We had all been before, so we were looking for a more local experience which is why we decided to go with an AirBnb (This is my personal referral link for $40 travel credit off your first stay…if you’ve never stayed at an AirBnb before- you should try it)! It was a great experience overall…but I spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for a clean and safe place for us to stay. We were looking to stay in the SoHo, Tribeca, or West Village neighborhoods, but accommodations in these areas can be astronomical! We found a great little two-bedroom apartment in SoHo, nothing fancy, but it was perfect for what we were looking for. (Side Note: everything in NYC is small spaces…small restaurants, bars, stores, bathrooms, apartments. Space in general is at a premium.)

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

chocolate covered strawberries

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Have you ever checked into a hotel and had these little bites of yumminess waiting for you? It’s one of the best little welcome surprises I’ve ever received at a recent mini vacay for my birthday.

It’s also something I often make at home. This is truly one of the most simple, most decadent treats you can make. Trust me…you can do this!!!

If you’re looking for a dessert to take to your family holiday gathering, a neighborhood party, or even a gift for a friend…look no further! Chocolate Covered Strawberries are one of those things people spend a lot of money on, but truly you can make these all by yourself!

And they are super versatile…today I was going for more of an Easter/ Spring theme, but I’ve done Valentines, Christmas, and just plain old everyday strawberries. They are my mother-in-law’s favorite treat, so I often make them for her. You can use white, milk, dark, bittersweet chocolate, OR colored chocolate melts (look at your craft store if your grocery store doesn’t carry these or just order them off Amazon HERE). It may take some practice getting them to look pretty…but regardless of what they look like, they always taste YUMMMM.

This is also a fun activity to do with the kids! I love getting my kids involved in the kitchen…and they love eating the leftovers!

chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Course Dessert, Snack
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes


  • 1 container strawberries
  • 1 package almond bark or chocolate melts
  • Crisco (as needed)
  • Sprinkles (if desired)


  1. Rinse and dry all strawberries.

  2. Melt almond bark and Crisco in the microwave. I've found the amount of Crisco is different depending on the type of chocolate you are using, time of year and where in the country you are located. I know this sounds crazy but it's true. The Crisco thins out the chocolate...start with a tablespoon and add more if needed. Start with a minute in the microwave and add more time 30 seconds at a time, stirring as you go. You don't want to burn the chocolate.

  3. Dip each strawberry, holding by the stems firmly in the chocolate and let excess chocolate drip off before placing each one on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper.  Decorate with sprinkles or drizzle with a different color chocolate. Place in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to let chocolate firm up. Enjoy!

What’s your go-to dessert recipe? Let me know what y’all think!

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The Travel Pledge- Getting Kids in a Travel Mindset

travel trick kids

The Travel Pledge

Let’s face it, kids aren’t always the best travelers. They don’t necessarily have patience for long boring hours (whether it be on a plane, train, or car), the different/weird foods, or the curveballs we often face. BUT, this is also why we love to travel. It provides great life lessons and immediate gratification is not always available. So…one day on the way to the airport (while listening to complaining kids), my husband created the travel pledge! They needed a gentle reminder of just how lucky they are and help getting into a travel mindset. Now, it’s a travel staple, we do it every trip.

Always subject to creative changes, it often goes something like this:

I, (state your name), understand that this day may suck.

I understand that I will likely be bored or hungry or tired.

I understand that all of us will have a moment when we are not having fun….

BUT this trip is going to be worth it and it is going to be full of new and exciting experiences!!

I understand not every day or activity planned on this trip is for ME, but possibly designed to please someone else in our family. Some activities are meant for kids; some are meant for the grown-ups, some for all of us. Deal with it and be grateful!

I agree to have a good attitude and if I don’t like it I will keep my opinions to myself. I will not ruin the experience for everyone else. Having a bad attitude will not make me feel any better but rather make everyone else feel worse. I’m ready to have a positive attitude and a lot of FUN!

Our pledge sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t, but, it makes them laugh and think and try. It reminds them to be grateful for the experience and not to dwell on the negative. It attempts to make them think of the other members of our family and not just themselves.

How do you get your kids in a travel mindset? Let me know what y’all think!

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Kids Travel Mindset




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Road trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming & Yellowstone

Road trip Yellowstone

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Our Road Trip to Jackson Hole, WY & Yellowstone National Park

We were fortunate enough to spend about a month in Utah last summer and during our stay we decided a road trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Yellowstone was in order. You can fly into Jackson, it’s a teeny tiny airport and was about $200 more per person when I checked. National Parks are full of educational and inspirational opportunities and if you’re close by, then by all means you should take advantage!

road trip yellowstone

Road Trip!

So…we rented a car from Salt Lake City and began our 4.5 hour journey (lord help us)! There really aren’t a lot of great stops along the way, lots of open road. There are two different routes to get to Jackson from Salt Lake City. On the way there, we drove through Park City, Evanston, and Afton and took the other route on our return trip. Evanston is the place to stop and load up on snacks and top off your tank…it’s gonna be awhile!! A fun photo stop with the kids is the State entrance/ exit signs…I mean 3 states in a span of about 30 minutes is pretty cool.

Road trips with kids can be pretty tricky. We like travel bingo, art kits, and travel games to try to beat the inevitable “I’m bored” whining from the kids. We also rely on our electronics for movies, games, and books.

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Visit Columbia SC: What to do & Where to Eat

visit columbia sc

Things to do in Columbia, SC

Planning to visit Columbia SC? We just returned from the home of the University of South Carolina Gamecocks city…and it’s the cutest “little-big” city with lots of good food and fun!

Here are my tips if you plan to visit Columbia SC:

Breakfast: The Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli

This place is BUSY!! Plan to wait in line if you go on the weekend or go on a weekday like we did. We went on a Tuesday and although the small deli was quite full, we were able to get right in and out. The most popular breakfast sandwich is The Big Max…which is basically a bacon, egg, and cheese on your choice of toast. BUT the best part? All breakfast sandwiches come with a mini cinnamon roll. Score! We also had (devoured) the very popular bourbon caramel cinnamon roll…which was messy and delicious…and HUGE! The kids and I totally should’ve split one…oh well, now we know!

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