Top 10 Simple Living Tips to Live More Intentionally

Top 10 Simple Living Tips to live more intentionally as featured by top US life and style blog, More Than Main Street.

Simple Living Tips to Live More Intentionally What’s all the hype about? It seems like everybody is talking about intentional living or simple living these days. Why? Because everyone is sooooo stressed out!! Everyone wants to be happier, right? There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to intentional and simple living except […]

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5 Essential Tips to Create Your Own Daily Self Care Checklist

Daily Self Care Checklist featured by top US life and style blog, More Than Main Street.

Why is Self Care Important? Go for a manicure and pedicure. Create a morning routine. Buy yourself a coffee. Buy someone else a coffee. Go out for girls night. Meditate. Put down your phone. Drink more water. Go for a run. Do your affirmations. Pray. Plan an adventure. Are you overwhelmed yet? Raise your hand […]

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What To Get Someone Who Has Everything: 50+ Of The Best Experience Gift Ideas Ever!

gift guide

What To Get Someone Who Has Everything? A puppy. Ha! Just kidding. We all have those people in our lives…you know the person who is soooo hard to shop for. The person who already has everything they could possibly need!! Whether your’re trying to figure out what to get your mother for her birthday, your […]

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Summer Bucket List for Teens

Summer Bucket list for teenage girls- Niagara Falls

The Summer Bucket List for Teens! This is the first year I have a true teenager. 13 years old. And I just love a bucket list. So, I was thrilled to find that my daughter came up with her very own summer bucket list. She did it completely independently and showed it to me the […]

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30+ Travel Partner Quotes to Fuel Your Wanderlust!

travel partner quotes

Travel Partner Quotes Who is your travel partner? Whether it’s your husband, girlfriend, BFF, mom, child, or even pup, we all have our favorite travel buddy! You definitely get to know someone in a whole new light when you travel together. Finding someone you love traveling with is truly a special thing! Let your travel […]

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