5 Tips for Traveling Internationally with Kids

5 Tips for International Travel With Kids

International Travel with Kids- You Can Do it Too!

We recently took our kids on their BIG first trip out of the country. Some of our friends thought we were straight up crazy. At eight and ten years old, our kids are old enough to really engage and learn from seeing the world. They are also old enough to grin and bear it when things go wrong! We want them to see that there is a lot more to life and the world than the small southern town where we live.

Here are my five tips for international travel with kids:

1.       Prepare them. Let them know a little about where you’re going, what you’ll be doing, and what will be really different from home. I want them to know if we’re going to have a really long layover, or it might rain the entire week, or we may have no Wi-Fi (horrors). Let them know what to expect. I like people to be real with me. So I in turn want to give that same honesty to my kids. If you are planning international travel, kids can be part of the planning process. Give them some background and let them choose an activity or destination. It’s educational and makes them feel invested in the trip. Oh, and a safety discussion is always mandatory whether you’re going to Disney or Africa.

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