15 Cool & Unique Places to Stay in the USA

15+ Cool & Unique Places to Stay in the USA featured by US travel blog, More than Main Street.

Where to Stay in the USA for an Unforgettable Experience! Looking for cool and unique places to stay in the USA? Interested in staying somewhere that is an experience all in itself? Fellow travel bloggers and I have compiled a list of 15 amazing and unusual accommodations in the US that are sure to be […]

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The Best Portland Wall Murals & Street Art: Where to See A LOT in a Short Amount of Time

street art Portland Oregon

Portland Wall Murals and Street Art Portland OR is an absolute treasure trove if you’re into wall murals or street art! It’s a super artsy city with murals aplenty! The weather can be tricky for taking photos so just remember to take that into account. If the forecast is calling for a rain free morning…make […]

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