The Travel Pledge- Getting Kids in a Travel Mindset

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The Travel Pledge- My Best Travel Tip!

Let’s face it, kids aren’t always the best travelers.

They don’t necessarily have patience for long boring hours (whether it be on a plane, train, or car), the different/weird foods, or the curveballs we often face. BUT, this is also why we love to travel. It provides great life lessons and immediate gratification is not always available.

So…one day on the way to the airport (while listening to complaining kids), my husband created the travel pledge! They needed a gentle reminder of just how lucky they are and help getting into a travel and gratitude mindset. Now, it’s a travel staple, and we do it every trip.

Always subject to creative changes, it often goes something like this:

I, (state your name), understand that this day may suck.

I understand that I will likely be bored or hungry or tired.

I understand that all of us will have a moment when we are not having fun….

BUT this trip is going to be worth it and it is going to be full of new and exciting experiences!!

I understand not every day or activity planned on this trip is for ME, but possibly designed to please someone else in our family. Some activities are meant for kids; some are meant for the grown-ups, some for all of us. Deal with it and be grateful!

I agree to have a good attitude and if I don’t like it I will keep my opinions to myself. I will not ruin the experience for everyone else. Having a bad attitude will not make me feel any better but rather make everyone else feel worse. I’m ready to have a positive attitude and a lot of FUN!

Our pledge sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t, but, it makes them laugh and think and try. It reminds them to be grateful for the experience and not to dwell on the negative. It attempts to make them think of the other members of our family and not just themselves.

How do you get your kids in a travel mindset? How do you get your kids into a gratitude mindset? What’s your best travel with kids tip? Let me know what y’all think in the comments below!

The Travel Pledge- our #1 family travel tip featured by top US family travel blog, More than Main Street.
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The Travel Pledge- our #1 family travel tip featured by top US family travel blog, More than Main Street.
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