The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Teens

A Complete summer bucket list for teens featured by top US family travel blog, More Than Main Street: Niagara Falls

The Summer Bucket List for Teens! This is the first year I have a true teenager. 13 years old. And I just love a bucket list. So, I was thrilled to find that my daughter came up with her very own summer bucket list. She did it completely independently and showed it to me the […]

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The Best Things to Do on a Road Trip for Tweens & Teens

road trip activites for tweens

Fun Ideas for Long Road Trips Looking for things to do on a road trip for tweens and teens? Need to occupy those tweens and teens when they finally get bored of their phones/ ipods/ tablets or GASP there is no cell phone service?? Because it does actually happen. We love a road trip. We’ve […]

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Top 52 Epic Everyday Adventure Ideas To Infuse More Fun to Your Days

Ideas for Adventure- 52 ideas for anyone featured by top US family travel blog, More than Main Street.

Adventure Ideas Are you feeling restless, in a funk, or just plain bored? Maybe you want to travel, but can’t for whatever reason right now? Adding everyday adventures to your life may just be the solution to your troubles! They key to making everyday an adventure is changing your mindset. What does adventure mean to […]

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What is Flyboarding? Is it Hard? (Advice from a complete novice!)

What is flyboarding? A review featured by top family travel blog, More Than Main Street: image of a woman flyboarding for the first time.

What is Flyboarding? A flyboard is this weird water jet pack thingy that makes you look and feel like you’re flying over the water! What? That didn’t explain it very well? Okay… it’s a device, powered by water propelled through a hose, attached to a jet-ski. It’s a super fun adventure and way outside my […]

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Free Bucket List Template and 75 Ideas for Inspiration

What's on your bucket list? Top US family travel blog, More than Main Street shares 75 ideas & a FREE bucket list template to get you started!

Bucket List Template and Inspiration! I love a bucket list! Why? You ask. Well… let me share with you the beauty of the bucket list. Bucket lists come in all shapes and sizes. Mine personally focuses mostly on travel, food, and family. But yours might be centered around learning, adventure, and an adrenaline rush. And…that’s […]

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