Why You Shouldn’t Skip Nashville’s 12 South Neighborhood

Nashville's 12 South Neighborhood


Now, I know that Nashville is known for the Honky Tonk’s on Broadway, country music, and The Grand Ole Opry. But, just a few miles away from downtown is Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood…and it is definitely worth a visit! Most well known for it’s walkability and the “I Believe in Nashville” mural, there’s some really great things going on in 12 South.


Street art is becoming more and more popular these days as an actual tourist destination. I mean, you can actually search the murals on google maps a lot of the time! Who can resist taking photos with these fun wall murals…I sure can’t! The most well known of the murals is probably the “I believe in Nashville” mural, but the Draper James blue and white stripes and the rainbow “Nashville” murals are pretty popular as well. There is a beautiful floral wall nearby too but we couldn’t find time to get to it!

Nashville's 12 south neighborhood


There are a bunch of really cute shops in 12 South: White’s Mercantile, Hero Boutique, and my favorite Draper James. Although this little boutique is a little pricey, I still thoroughly enjoyed this super southern themed store owned by Reese Witherspoon. They even offer you sweet tea when you walk in! As southern as southern gets y’all! (Side note- they have a lovely little sitting area for kids and husbands and were happy to provide the wifi password for bored little ones so I could peruse in peace.)

Draper James Nashville 12 south


There’s a multitude of places to get a treat or bite to eat in the area!

Frothy Monkey– My husband picked up breakfast for us one morning from the Frothy Monkey and it was awesome! Obviously we aren’t the only ones who think so either. This place was busy!  But the coffee and pastries were on point (the cinnamon roll was our favorite! They use local ingredients and are actually open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Nashville's 12 South neighborhood
Five Daughter’s Bakery– Just OMG! These doughnuts were ridiculously good. We sampled the vanilla cream, King Kong (maple and bacon), chocolate cherry, and boston crème. We all agreed that the King Kong was the best overall. (Side note- they have paleo and vegan options!)

Nashville's 12 South neighborhood
Sprinkle’s Cupcakes– I know, I know…this is not just in Nashville. This was however, the first time we had visited a Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM. That’s right, if you’re like us and had not yet experienced this amazingly fun novelty…well then you must check them out and go to one ASAP! The little store has an ATM outside that you can order from and a minute or two later, voila…your cupcakes appear in the window. If you have children, you should go! If you don’t have children and just like cupcakes or cookies, you should go!

See that smile?? It’s worth every penny!

Nashville's 12 South neighborhood
Edley’s BBQ

We thoroughly enjoyed Edley’s BBQ…my pulled pork tacos were the bomb!! But the absolute favorite was the grit casserole…who knew?!? This is a counter service type restaurant…the line was long but moved fast. Great for kids and families who don’t want to wait an hour at the more popular restaurants.

Nashville's 12 South neighborhood

A very popular spot worth a mention although we did not go  (due to the fact the lines were crazy long)…Jeni’s ice cream! It’s clearly all the rage!

We also happened to stay within walking distance of 12 South and a $10 Uber ride of downtown…sounds ideal right? We loved every minute in Nashville! Have you ever been? Let me know what y’all think!

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  1. We stayed in 12South last summer and had such a great time. The homes are so beautiful and the food and shopping FANTASTIC!!! We are lucky enough to have an Edley’s open up in Lexington this year and I’m glad it is across town! Where is the Nashville mural you have pictured here. I don’t remember seeing it.

    1. We stayed in the best VRBO house while we were there!! The “I believe in Nashville mural?” Or the rainbow one? The rainbow one is just a little further past Edley’s towards White’s merchantile. 💜

  2. Such a cute neighborhood. So many great spots. I have never been to Nashville, so this would be a good idea for a trip.

  3. So many great things to see and do. I especially love the cupcakes, we do not have ATMs for cupcakes here and it’s probably a good thing!

  4. I went to Nashville as a teen, on an organised coach tour my parents booked of the southern States. And we only visited the key tourist sites. I’d love to explore again now, and visit other places like 12 South.

    1. I’ve had similar experiences in other big cities…I tend to actually enjoy the lesser known areas more than the hugely touristy spots!

  5. The street art, the food—this is my kind of neighborhood! I’ve never been to Nashville, but I’m dying to go. It seems like such a fun and lively city!

  6. Its so embarrassing when you read about city you use to live in and discover new things! How did I not know about the 12th south neighborhood?! I definitely to go there the next time i’m back in Nashville. The doughnut with bacon omg..I bet is the best!

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