Travel Kids Tell All: Bali Edition

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Travel Kids Tell All: Family Travel

Travel Kids Tell All is an ongoing series on the blog sharing children’s perspective and thoughts on their travels.  I’ve found that young travelers provide very honest feedback and can often tell you “how it really is.” If you are interested in interviewing your kids and being featured on More than Main Street, please contact me or leave a comment below! We truly value education through kid’s world travel and love to hear what they have learned along the way!

Kid’s World Travel Perspectives

This week’s featured destination is Bali, Indonesia!

My friend Flor Breton-Garcia, a Venezuelan born American living in Germany with her husband and three children, is a language consultant and trainer at Little Nomadas. She is raising multi-cultural kids while helping other expat families.

Flor interviewed her daughter Veronica about their recent trip to Bali…here’s what she thought!

Travel Kids Tell All: Bali Edition

Our 7 Day Bali Itinerary

Day One: Ubud, local market, rice terraces, and Monkey Forest.

Day Two- Four: Temples- Tirta Empul, Goah Gajah, Pura Taman Ayum

Day Five-Seven: Gili Islands

Travel Kids Tell All: Bali Edition

(Veronica was ten at the time of this interview.)

What was your favorite thing about traveling to Bali, Indonesia?

I loved walking around Ubud and eating breakfast at Vespa Café. I also liked going to the Gili Islands because we got to see beautiful beaches with clear blue water and white sand. The villa where we stayed was awesome! It had a very nice pool and each child had their own bedroom, a tv, and many movies to watch.

Bali beaches- kid's world travel perspectives

Can you share your least favorite thing about Bali?

Definitely the traffic! It was so different from the traffic here in Germany and in the United States. Drivers cut in front of our car and they honked their horns all the time. I wasn’t scared but it was pretty annoying.

What was the weirdest thing about Bali?

It was really weird this thing with the money. My parents explained to me that is called currency exchange…I still don’t get it that much, however, it was really crazy that with one hundred Euros we could get around one billion Rupiah! I also noticed that cars drive on the other side of the road…now that’s very different from Germany roads.

kid's world travel Bali

What was your favorite food you ate in Bali?

My ultimate favorite food I ate in Bali was the famous Balinese banana pancake that I enjoyed with Nutella. It was delicious!!! My brothers loved it as well. The banana bread from the small café near our villa in Ubud was awesome too. I think I love anything that has bananas on it!

Travel Kids Tell All Bali Edition

Tell me one thing you learned while we were in Bali?

I learned to be very careful of my surroundings because it was really crowded in the city center and in the different markets around the island and I didn’t want to get lost. I found very interesting the religious offers in front of every store and houses around Bali. These offers had flowers and fresh fruit, it was like a really small bamboo tray full of nice smelly things. Moreover, it was amazing to see the difference between the religion in Bali and the Gili Islands. In Bali people practice Hinduism and in the Gilis they practice Islam. I learned that in every island in Indonesia, except for Bali, people are Muslim.

Travel Kids Tell All Bali Edition

What would you recommend to other families traveling to Bali with kids?

I think parents need to bring mosquito spray for their children and always carry a water bottle because you can’t drink tap water in Bali. Also, I recommend to go the Ubud Monkey Forest, although it is so warm and humid that you will need to bring shorts and t-shirts. You need to visit at least one temple because they are very beautiful. Don’t worry about bringing your own sarong since you can buy them at the entrance of every temple. Sarongs are bright and colorful skirts for temples; men wear them too.

Temple in Bali - Travel Kids Tell All

Would you like to go back to Bali?

YES!!!! 100% yes!

Mom’s Two Cents

I think our trip to Bali was the perfect introduction for the children to the beauty of South Asia and its interesting culture. There, we left our comfort zone and it was a great adventure to sleep in a tiny house next to the rice terraces in Central Bali. We were able to listen to the call to prayer at 5 am from the mesquite next door in Gili Air. It was a magical trip that we enjoyed and will treasure forever.

Travel Kids Tell All Bali Edition

Thank You!

Travel Kids Tell All Interview with Little Nomadas

Thank you again to Flor and Veronica from Little Nomadas for participating in my Travel Kids Tell All series. Be sure to follow her on Instagram or Facebook or contact her if your family is need of expat consulting or native language assistance. 

If you are considering a trip to Bali or another international destination, check out these super helpful tips for a long haul flight.

Again, if you would like to take part in my Travel Kids Tell All Series, please contact me via email Julie at morethanmainstreet dot com, or just leave a comment with your email address! I’d love to hear about your kid’s world travel experiences! Read what my kids thought about Paris, France HERE.

Have you been to Bali, Indonesia? Have you been with kids? Let me know what y’all think!

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