Visiting Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in Wilson NC

Visiting Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park formerly Acid Park

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Visiting Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in Wilson NC

A Whirli-What??

What’s a whirligig you might ask?? Well…in the most simple of terms, it is a wind powered piece of art. Many people collect them as wind powered yard art, but at Whirligig Park, you can find some of the largest and most unique pieces.

The day my son and I visited, there was one other family with young children running on the grassy area, an older couple taking photos marveling at the huge pieces of art, and a few teenagers walking around. That’s it. We pretty much had the place to ourselves…maybe since a storm was rolling in? Whatever the reason, it was quiet and beautiful and I loved everything about it. I also loved that my son’s observation was that some of the art contained recycled signs. Pretty cool.

Wilson, North Carolina has turned this beautifully strange attraction into a wonderful city destination. From farmers markets to family concerts, movies, even private rentals, Whirligig Park hosts many different events throughout the year. But on just an average day, you can stroll through for FREE!! Yep! You heard that right…free!

If unique roadside attractions are your thing or you happen to just need to stretch your legs from driving Interstate 95 in North Carolina, you should absolutely consider stopping for Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park.  Wilson, North Carolina has a variety of fun things to do, but seeing the Whirligigs in action is probably top of my list!

Whirligig Park is about seven miles off Interstate 95 at 301 Goldsboro St. South in Wilson. You can really make this visit as long or as short as fits into your schedule. It is a great place for you to stop and stretch or if the kids need to get some energy out…all while taking in these amazing pieces of art. (Did I mention it’s free??)

Whirligig Park (formerly Acid Park) originally started on Vollis Simpson’s farm when he began creating these humongous windmill art creations. Once he began being recognized as more of an artist, Simpson’s whirligigs have been exhibited from New York City to Atlanta to Raleigh. They are a beautiful whimsical site that people of all ages can enjoy.

And if you really love Whirligigs, Wilson celebrates them every year at the annual Whirligig Festival in November. From the Interstate, you might never think to make a pit stop in Wilson, North Carolina, but a few miles off the road is a really unique and fun find!

Bonus Tips: Where to Eat in Wilson, North Carolina

If you do happen to stop in Wilson on your road trip and need a bite to eat and like to eat at local establishments versus chain restaurants our personal recommendations are:

-for finer dining we like Jac’s Grill

-for tradition eastern North Carolina Barbecue check out Parker’s (they’ve been serving BBQ since 1946!)

-for a beer, wings, or a sandwich try Brewmasters.

Have you ever heard of a whirligig? Did you know there was an entire park dedicated to them? Let me know what y’all think!

Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in Wilson NC

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  1. This park sounds so much fun, and looks it too! My kids are all about any type of park that has a fair-feel to it. I will have to remember to make a trip to Wilson, NC the next time we are that way!

  2. NC is my home state. I just moved northeast. I did not know there was much to do in Wilson. I am from eastern NC.