A Weekend Guide to Houston Texas

weekend guide to Houston Texas


Houston is a HUGE city!! I mean it is one of the top five largest cities in the U.S. so I shouldn’t be surprised, right? But still, it just seems to go on and on! There’s no major attraction when you think of visiting Houston, but there is still plenty to see, do, and of course eat! We recently spent our Houston weekend in the Seabrook area. Since we have family that lives there, we got the pleasure of experiencing the city with a local flare!


Space Center– NASA has a fantastic visitors center located on the 1620 acre space center campus. The space center is home to NASA’s astronaut corp training facility and “mission control”. I would not only recommend this place for kids but adults too! Two different tram tours, audio tours, simulators, live presentations, movies, and kid centered areas…there is truly something for everyone!  (FYI the tram tours are 1-2 hours with no restrooms along the way.) Hands on museums are the best way to learn in my opinion…we got to touch an actual rock from Mars! They also have a very nice food court and gift shop. The day we were visiting they had a real astronaut there signing his book!

houston weekend

Kemah Boardwalk– This is a bit touristy, but our kids couldn’t resist the pull of the roller coasters. There are rides, games, shopping and restaurants all along the beautiful Galveston Bay waterfront. They have a lot of weekend events and Friday fireworks during the summer. This could be a quick 30 minute stop on the way to Galveston or you could spend an entire day here. They offer individual ride tickets or all day passes.

Houston weekend

Water Wall– This ended up being one of my husband’s favorite stops. This massive wall of water is located right next to The Galleria shopping area. It is really quite breathtaking and a perfect spot to let kids run free in the grassy area or take a minute to relax. (SIDE NOTE: the traffic in this area at 5 o’clock is insane!)

Houston weekend

Beer Can House– If you haven’t noticed by now, I love fun and quirky finds in the places we visit! I know this is random but I loved it! Seriously, where have you ever seen a house made entirely of beer cans before? I thought it was actually quite pretty and I love the Golden Rule message! It’s only open for tours on the weekend if you plan to go inside ($5 per person, free for kids 12 and under).

Houston weekend

Top Golf– We love Top Golf!! I am not a golfer (I’m horrible actually), but my husband and son are. The Houston area has three Top Golf locations, while we have none at home, so we love to visit one when we are traveling. This is a great activity for the entire family, for a date night, or a group event…and you really truly don’t have to know how to play golf. If you ask my kids…this was their favorite thing to do in Houston.

Houston weekend

Go boot shopping!! We stopped by Cavender’s Boot City and truthfully the whole family had a blast. There are more boots in one place than you’ve ever seen!! We tried on several different kinds and learned a little bit while we were at it.


Houston weekend

Breakfast: Seabrook Waffle Co.

This was possibly my favorite meal in Texas…these liege style waffles are the bomb! So many varieties to choose from…we tried the strawberries and cream, macaroni and cheese with bacon, and chicken and waffles. They do have a small area inside to eat, but most everyone, us included, ate outside on picnic tables. Oh and great coffee too. Breakfast heaven!

Houston weekend

Lunch: Boondoggles Pub

The Seabrook area is near Clear Lake, so they have lots of waterfront dining options. This pub is kinda tucked in a corner near the water and is a locals favorite! This is really a great lunch or dinner option. We had specialty pizzas, wings, and the beer options were awesome! They have a different special each night of the week and apparently the seafood is a huge draw.

Houston weekend

Dinner: Ninfa’s My husband had visited the Houston area on his own about a year prior to our trip and he could not stop raving about this restaurant! I have a crazy obsession with Mexican food…and this did not disappoint! You order the fajitas by the pound- what?!?!  They were making homemade tortillas right near the entrance which totally captivated my daughter. They actually let her make her own tortilla and just totally made her night! This place is in high demand, so make sure to get reservations.

Houston weekend

Appetizers & Drinks: Brooklyn Athletic Club

The Brooklyn Athletic Club is a very cool bar in downtown Houston. Now…not everyone is comfortable taking their children to a bar, but we went early afternoon when they weren’t very busy and it was fine. And our kids loved it…they have corn hole, ping pong, and a mini putting green…what’s not to love? They have spectacular cocktails and surprising delicious food! We ordered short rib mac-n-cheese and wings which blew us away! Oh and they are pet friendly! We would definitely go back.


Absolutely! Our Houston weekend was super fun and memorable! The one thing I will say is the traffic was awful…but I guess that’s to be expected in any big city.

We also visited San Antonio during our Texas jaunt which you can read about HERE. And because Seabrook is only a 45 minute drive to Galveston we were able to do a day trip there as well.

Have you visited Houston Texas? Let me know what y’all think!

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  1. Looks like a great place to visit. Love your tip about no washroom on the tram tour. We once took a tour in Mexico and found out when we finally arrived at the beach, that there were no change rooms and it was very disappointing to not be able to go swimming after a long bus ride and hot hike to the beach!

  2. I’ve never been to Houston before, but man this is giving me the travel bug! My friends may move to Texas next year so this gives me an excuse to visit! 🙂

  3. OMG! Going here is one of my biggest goals!
    I live in Australia and I dream to visit Texas one day. I’ll be book marking this as it is awesome! Thanks for the tips xx

    1. The food in Texas is awesome!! You should check out my San Antonio post- it’s a must visit in my opinion!!

  4. It has so many things to offer, I guess it’s great, also weekend travel are a retreat for the soul. The food sounds awesome, specially because I am a big fan of coffee.

    1. The boot store was awesome- HUGE!! And I totally could’ve spent a ton of money in there! Hope you make it for a visit some day!

  5. Wow love the post and the pictures. Never been there but will put it on my list for the forthcoming trip across the US. Thanks for the tips.

  6. Houston looks amazing and filled with cool stuff to do! One of my friends from Wisconsin moved there couple months ago, and you just convinced me that the city sure is worth visiting. 🙂 Thanks for a great post and sharing all the photos!

    1. I don’t know that Houston is typically a city people think of as a destination…but there are tons of fun things to do! You should definitely consider visiting!

  7. I have never been in Houston and It look like a great place to visit. The food looks really good. My husband and I loves to visit different places to eat and try new food. This could be a great trip for us, thanks for sharing.

    1. There were so many different things to do…we couldn’t finish in a couple hours. But the visual of how it is inside the space center was the best for me!

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