7 Family Friendly Things to Do in San Antonio, Texas

family friendly san antonio

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Family Fun in San Antonio

There’s so much more to San Antonio than just the River Walk.  That being said, you still have to go, see, and experience the River Walk. We jam-packed our four days in San Antonio with some really cool family friendly things to do! I loved the city and I think my kids did too. It was a great mix of nature, history, and good old fashioned fun!

7 Family Things to Do in San Antonio:

  1. The Natural Bridge Caverns– This was my favorite activity in San Antonio! We did the Discovery Tour ($21.99 for an adult & $13.99 for kids 3-11) which was perfect for our family. It’s about an hour and fifteen minutes and you walk about 3/4 of a mile. There are a couple of steep sections but the tour guide was really good about letting everyone know and take breaks as needed. This was not a difficult tour for our family but there were a few people struggling. You go about 180 feet underground and see these absolutely beautiful natural caverns. The kids were learning new things and didn’t even know it!family friendly san antonio
  2. Catch a Spurs Game- ok, this may not be for everyone. But, we got lucky that the Spurs were playing at home while we were in town. We love to attend local sporting events in cities we visit. They are always so much fun even if they aren’t “your team” or you’re a huge fan of the sport. The energy is electric!Family Friendly San Antonio
  3. The River Walk– It is so pretty! The flowers and the greenery along the river are gorgeous. But it’s super touristy. So, we did the little riverboat tour, got some interesting info, and moved on. There is a mall at one end if you want to do some shopping but I’d much rather explore the shops at the other end in the historic arts village called La Villita. But anyways,  you can’t go to San Antonio without checking out the River Walk!Riverwalk
  4. The Alamo– another obvious choice. One of my children was cool with going and the other wanted nothing to do with it! So, we skipped the audio tours and just walked through. (This way I didn’t feel like we wasted a bunch of money!) The grounds all around the Alamo are actually quite lush and they had a Living History exhibit out back which was very interesting. We enjoyed listening to the “doctor” tell about how they treated their patients in the 1800’s…a little gruesome!Family Friendly San Antonio
  5. The Guinness World Records Museum– Now…this is NOT something we would normally do. But, our kids were troopers going through the Alamo and it’s right across the street and they were dying to do it. I know this is not unique to San Antonio, but sometimes you got to give a little reward for good attitudes. And they LOVED every second of it! (Side Note: this would be a fantastic rainy day activity.)Family Friendly San Antonio
  6. The Pearl District– We loved this little area. They had the cutest little shops and fantastic restaurants. (Read about all our yummy food finds while we were in San Antonio HERE.) Oh! And I also love these bike share programs- so cool!The Pearl District
  7. The World’s Largest Cowboy Boots- this was pretty much a photo opp, but we’re all about a “world’s largest” find at the moment, so this was fun for us!family friendly san antonio

We split up our nights between a Fairfield Inn within walking distance of the River Walk and the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa, which worked perfectly for our needs. You can read my review on the JW Marriott HERE.

There are so many fun places for kids in San Antonio! I’d go back in a heartbeat! Have you been? Let me know what y’all think!

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  1. Great pictures and those activities all sound super fun! I have never been to San Antonio but I’ll keep these in mind if I ever go!

  2. The river walk is a must for sure. We live here and end up downtown at least once a month. We have done the wildlife ranch but not the caverns. Yet! Aren’t all the bikes cool! It took me a while to settle in, but Texas has grown on me for sure!

    1. We didn’t do the wildlife ranch because the rest of the day was a complete washout but it looked fun too! Yes…check out the caverns when you have time!

    1. Thank you Lisa! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit…There is so much more than the river walk!

  3. Such cool ideas of things to do! Even if you don’t have kids, but still are a big kid yourself 😉 Bicycling is always a great activity when you’re exploring and those caverns look beautiful.

  4. ooooh I was there 10 years ago and this brings great memories and I must take a trip again there. I had no idea there were caverns there.
    I am definitely going back and putting the cavern in my most do.