Top 10 Simple Living Tips that Will Change Your Life

Top 10 Simple Living Tips to live more intentionally as featured by top US life and style blog, More Than Main Street.

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Simple Living Tips to Live More Intentionally

What’s all the hype about?

It seems like everybody is talking about intentional living or living a life of purpose these days.


Because everyone is sooooo stressed out!!

Everyone wants to be happier, right?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to intentional and simple living except defining and living life according to YOUR values.

Being intentional on a daily basis and implementing a simpler lifestyle allows you to feel more in control of your life and therefore more content and fulfilled.

Intentional and simple living is a mindset shift. A simple life is the best because it allows you to identify and focus on what is truly important to you.

If you are sick of living life on autopilot and want to start living life with purpose, try these simple living tips to start living more intentionally today!

Top 10 Simple Living Tips to Live More Intentionally as featured by top US life and style blog, More Than Main Street.


Top 10 Simple Living Tips

1. Decide what Simple Living means to YOU.

If you want to live simply, the first step is to define what that means to YOU. Not your neighbor, not your friends, and not some stranger on the internet. Stop comparing. Take a good look inward and ask yourself what is truly important to you? What do you value? What do you wish you were doing more of? Less of? What is stressing you out all the time and what brings you joy? Decide to stop reacting to life and live life on purpose.

Action Item: Make a list of your values, your priorities, and things that make you smile.


2. Simplify your Schedule.

One of the most best simple living tips is to simplify your schedule. Easier said than done right? As a mom of two very active and social kids, I get it. I really do. My best tip is to set boundaries and learn to say NO. My second best tip is to ask for help. There’s no reason you have to do it all yourself. Ask your parents, your neighbor, or your coworker to help you out.

3. Eliminate Things that Don’t Serve a Purpose.

Have you ever noticed how mess causes stress?

I remember feeling anxious and stressed knowing I had a huge list of things to do each day. One day it dawned on me that half of my to do list was often cleaning up all my stuff. I was amazed to find that when I eliminated some of the stuff, I lessened my to do list and I immediately felt lighter and less stressed.

Whether you decide to go full Marie Kondo on your home or gradually declutter one room at a time, start removing things from your life that don’t serve you.

“Our excessive possessions are not making us happy. Even worse, they are taking us away from the things that do. Once we let go of the things that don’t matter, we are free to pursue all the things that really do matter.”

 Joshua Becker

Action Item: Start decluttering one room this week. Having a hard time parting with your things? Try selling them! Making a few dollars always makes it easier to move on!

Bonus Action Item: Mental decluttering is a great way to reduce overwhelm. Start my doing a mental dump, delegate responsibilities, and delete unnecessary things from your to-do list!

4. Spend Below your Means.

Spending below your means is really an essential part of life…not just a part of intentional living. Create a personal finance plan and stick to it. Spend your money on things that actually matter to you.

5. Practice Self Care.

Have you ever heard the quote, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”?

It’s true. Isn’t it.

Make YOU a priority. Practicing daily self care is an essential piece to a simpler lifestyle. Everything becomes clearer and easier when you take care of your physical, mental, and emotional well being.

Action Item: Create your own daily self care routine including a gratitude practice and self love affirmations. Trust me- it works!

Top 10 Simple Living Tips to Live More Intentionally as featured by top US life and style blog, More Than Main Street.
Photo Credit to Bench Accounting- Unsplash

6. Make Fewer Decisions.

Do you ever get to a certain point in the day where you literally can not make one more decision? I remember when my husband and I would literally fight over where to go out to dinner. Like I felt as though it literally hurt my brain to decide on something so simple.

Decision fatigue is real.

Have you ever wondered why people choose to meal plan or choose to have a capsule wardrobe? It isn’t because they don’t like choices or clothes. It’s because those things allow you to make fewer decisions. When you already have a plan in place for meals for the week, you don’t have to make those decisions at 5 pm when there is utter chaos in your home. By eliminating choices in your clothing options each day, you allow room for decisions to be made elsewhere.

7. Create Rhythms and Routines.

Simply put, rhythms and routines make life easier. When you have a plan in place, things run more smoothly which in turn allows you to focus on what is truly important to you. Rhythms and routines are key to slow living.

What is the difference between rhythms, routines, and autopilot? Rhythms and routines are intentionally created around your values…autopilot is mindlessly going through the motions. There’s a big difference.

8. Choose More Experiences and Less Things.

Experiences can be found everywhere. Studies have shown that experiences and relationships are truly what makes your life richer and more fulfilling. Whether you choose local adventures or to travel the world, you will create more meaningful memories by spending your hard earned money on experiences over things.

9. Invest in Higher Quality Things.

It’s not that I don’t like things. I like plenty of things actually. I just choose to invest in higher quality things versus a higher quantity of things. Choose to spend your money on things that bring YOU joy and matter to you.

Action Items:

  • Think about things for several days before purchasing. Avoid impulse buys. If you’re still thinking about an item after a few days or even longer then go back and get it.
  • Avoid impulse buying by staying out of stores you find tempting. Only shop when you NEED something.
  • Do your research before you buy! Read the reviews and try to make an educated purchase.

10. Create New Habits.

This might be the hardest simple living tip of all. Because breaking bad habits (AKA turning off autopilot) and creating new habits can be very hard. And it doesn’t happen overnight. But with some new habits, you can start living more intentionally each day. And more intentional living leads to less stress and overwhelm and more purpose and happiness! Whoop! That’s the goal right?

Be intentional with your time and energy!

Do You Want to Live Simply & Intentionally?

Simple and intentional living isn’t necessarily easy. It requires effort. But with these simple living tips, you can get started. Be easy with yourself. Turning off autopilot can be hard. You will likely slip up and have to start again. It’s OK.

Just start.

If I can learn how to live a simple life and be happy, you can too!

What do you think of these simple living ideas? How do you think you can be intentional with your time and energy?

Top 10 Simple Living Tips to Live More Intentionally as featured by top US life and style blog, More Than Main Street.
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