Dig Deep: 100 Self Love Journal Prompts For Self Discovery

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Journaling for Self Love

Why is it that loving others can be so easy yet loving ourselves can be so hard??

We’ve all been there. If you’ve struggled with negative self talk, low self esteem, or find yourself on a personal growth journey, give these self love journal prompts a try!

Can journaling help with self esteem?

Journaling is a great way to gain self awareness, increase your self esteem, and start loving yourself well! Getting your thoughts and feelings out onto paper can often be an eye opening experience. Journaling can be very therapeutic. It can help you develop a growth mindset, track progress and growth, change habits, and achieve goals.

What should I journal about in my self love journey?

If you find yourself stuck and looking at the blank pages of your journal wondering “what the heck should I write about?”…you’re not alone. Even those of us who have been journaling for years get stuck.

Which is why journal prompts are so helpful!!

Below you will find over 100 self love journal prompts to get you started, but I’d encourage you to journal about these questions first:

  • What does self love mean to me?
  • What does my perfect day look life?
  • Who am I and what are the MOST important things in my life?
100 Self Love Journal Prompts with image of a woman in bed journaling


Self Love Journal Prompts

Get started on your self love journey with my “3 Things” self love journal prompts. What’s so special about three things?

Often times when people set off on a personal growth journey, they can get overwhelmed very easily. Writing down just three things for each self love journal prompt is achievable. Small consistent steps can lead to big success!

Do what works for you. Tackle each of these journaling prompts for self love in your own time. Whether you do one a day or ten, go at your own pace. Skip around. Go through the list and then go through it all over again. Self love is a lifelong journey.

  1. 3 of my very favorite things
  2. 3 of my least favorite things
  3. 3 of my favorite people
  4. 3 people I admire
  5. 3 things I am grateful for today
  6. 3 things that always bring me joy
  7. 3 big goals
  8. 3 things I would do over and over again if I had the chance
  9. 3 things I am proud of
  10. 3 things that drain my energy
  11. 3 things I am excited about
  12. 3 things about myself that I’d like to change
  13. 3 things that make me smile
  14. 3 things I love about myself
  15. 3 things on my bucket list
  16. 3 things I’d like more of in my life
  17. 3 things I’d like less of in my life
  18. 3 ways I could help somebody else today
  19. 3 things I am looking forward to
  20. 3 things I am really good at
  21. 3 things I can’t stop thinking about lately
  22. 3 things I can let go of
  23. 3 things that are unique about me
  24. 3 things I can forgive myself for
  25. 3 things I wish someone else would say to me

Want to hear more about my own personal story? Read more about my intentional living journey.

Journaling Prompts for Self Love

Here are 25 more self love journal prompts to help increase your self awareness. Don’t get discourages if you have a hard time answering some of these journalling prompts for self love. They area meant to make you dig deep. Come back to a question another day if you’re feeling stuck.

  1. 3 challenges I have overcome
  2. 3 bad habits I’d like to eliminate
  3. 3 instances when I feel truly content
  4. 3 times when I continually compare myself to others
  5. 3 hobbies I’ve always wanted to try
  6. 3 lies I keep telling myself
  7. 3 of my biggest struggles
  8. 3 things I need to accept about myself
  9. 3 instances when I’ve felt unworthy
  10. 3 of my biggest dreams
  11. 3 things that inspire me
  12. 3 routines I’d like to adopt
  13. 3 compliments I can give myself today
  14. 3 of my best memories
  15. 3 little things that make a big difference in my days
  16. 3 things I am able to control
  17. 3 things out of my control
  18. 3 things I am insanely passionate about
  19. 3 people I’d like to spend more time with
  20. 3 of my biggest priorities in life
  21. 3 things I am curious about
  22. 3 things that nourish my soul
  23. 3 characteristics others would describe me as being
  24. 3 of my biggest challenges
  25. 3 things I would buy if money were no object

Want more tips on self care? Learn how to create your own daily self care routine!

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Self-Love Journal Prompts for Adults

Self reflection helps to shape our values, beliefs, and habits. These self love journal prompts will help you to recognize the areas where you are excelling and where you need improvement. Decision making become much easier when you learn who you are and what you want in life.

  1. 3 ways I like to treat myself
  2. 3 things I could use help with
  3. 3 of my darkest moments
  4. 3 times when I’ve truly felt at peace
  5. 3 of my biggest fears
  6. 3 of my best qualities
  7. 3 things I’d like to tell my younger self
  8. 3 times when I’ve had to be brave
  9. 3 ways I love people
  10. 3 things I can’t live without
  11. 3 of my biggest insecurities
  12. 3 things that make me angry
  13. 3 things that always cheer me up
  14. 3 things I want to be remembered as
  15. 3 ways I stay focused
  16. 3 ways I advocate for myself
  17. 3 ways I can pick myself up when I am down
  18. 3 things I’d like to tell my future self
  19. 3 times when I feel powerful
  20. 3 ways I can remind myself that I am enough
  21. 3 ways I can be more intentional with my days
  22. 3 ways I can cope with the bad days
  23. 3 ways I can be more true to myself
  24. 3 boundaries I have set in my life
  25. 3 of my favorite affirmations

Self love affirmations are also a great addition to your journey to self awareness. Also consider adding a gratitude or mindfulness practice.

list of 100 prompts for journaling for self love

Journal Prompts for Self Awareness

Intentional living is all about self awareness. In order to live life on purpose, we need to figure out two things: “Who am I?” and “What matters most to me?”

According to Harvard Business Review, people who are self aware are more confident, creative, make better decisions, build stronger relationships, and communicate better.

Self awareness isn’t a one and done thing. You can’t just check it off your to do list.

We are constantly changing and growing. Our thoughts, feelings, and habits change over time. Self awareness can be quite a challenging journey. However, if we are honest with ourselves, we are sure to reap the rewards.

Here are 25 more self love journal prompts to keep working towards becoming more self aware:

  1. 3 things I wish other people knew about me
  2. 3 things I struggle to love about myself
  3. 3 things that scare me
  4. 3 of my favorite self care activities
  5. 3 ways I can love myself more
  6. 3 things I need to stop judging myself for
  7. 3 things that give me major anxiety
  8. 3 negative beliefs about myself
  9. 3 things I need to let go of
  10. 3 things I love about my home
  11. 3 things I’d like to start saying no to more often
  12. 3 ways I am creative
  13. 3 aspects of my life I’d like to improve
  14. 3 people or resources I can go to for help
  15. 3 of my biggest time wasters
  16. 3 ways I can connect with others more
  17. 3 ways I like to reward or pamper myself
  18. 3 quotes that lift me up when I’m down
  19. 3 instances when I feel jealous of others
  20. 3 recent wins
  21. 3 ways I can celebrate my wins
  22. 3 ways I can be kinder to myself
  23. 3 of my favorite places on earth
  24. 3 of my hidden talents
  25. 3 quotes that motivate me

Your Self Love Journey

Do you feel ready to start your self love journey?

I hope these self love journal prompts give you inspiration on how to begin. Remember there is no right or wrong way to journal. Take these journaling prompts and use them however they work for you!

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100 self love journal prompts

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